Thursday, 5 May 2011

Week Thirteen

Weeks until Mad Monk: 2 & a little bit!
This Week's Weight Loss: I haven't weighed myself through fear! I will edit tomorrow morning if I summon up the courage!
This Week's Training Activities: Back into the routine - Jogging & aching badly from British Military Fitness

Hi all,

As promised there were no excuses this week. Well except when I got rather drunk on Saturday night & made an absolute moron of myself. It was so bad I even texted my mother telling her that my friend liked another friend's willy! Embarrassing isn't the word, I was mortified with myself! On the positive side it has pushed me completely into a new health kick.
Alcohol!? Not for me thank you very much! 
Takeaways? Pah! I'll do a home-made curry! 
I've even started looking forward to running again. My first run after a few weeks rest was hard, really hard and I was frustrated with myself that I'd gone backwards rather than forwards. It didn't help that it was baking hot either! I really hope the sun isn't shining on the day of Mad Monk, warm & cloudy will do me very nicely please! 

After my last entry I have most definitely admitted defeat when it comes to British Military Fitness. I was aching for days on end. The pain was so bad, I couldn't get a good night's sleep as every time I moved, it hurt! I'm looking forward to doing a few different things next week though, I'm going to something called 'Caveman Circuits' with a friend. I have no idea what its all about, I've just been warned that it will hurt. I've also won a free session with a Personal Trainer which I'm hoping to arrange after work tonight. I'm hoping it will put me in the right frame of mind ready for Mad Monk. I'm actually & surprisingly looking forward to both!

My current total on Just Giving is a mind blowing £454.00! I'm so amazed seeing as my first target was £150. To be so close to getting £500 for the Stroke Association makes these past 13 weeks worth it! I'd like to thank everyone who has been generous this week especially my dad's colleagues. A special mention to Neil Vaughan who has donated £50! Words can't describe how much I appreciate all the support i've had. To get to £500 before the 22 May would be unbelievable so if you're reading this & you still haven't sponsored me, please do it! Even if it is just £1, I would really appreciate it! If you'd prefer to do if offline, just let me know, I'll happily put your details down on my sponsor form. 

Finally, seeing as I added one of my latest motivation songs to get me all pumped up and motivated. I thought i'd do the same again this week, this one is a little bit cheesy but I love it! Enjoy x


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